Call to Order - Chair
Roll Call - Recording Secretary
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Report on Posting of Agenda - January 24 2020
1. Ceremonial/Presentations
1.A. Staff Update on the Woolsey Fire Rebuild Process
2. Written and Oral Communications from the Public
2.B. Planning Commission and staff comments and inquiries
3. Consent Calendar
3.A. Previously Discussed Items
3.B. New Items
3.B.1. Approval of Minutes
3.B.2. Administrative Coastal Development Permit No. 19-051 / 32518 Pacific Coast Highway
3.B.3. Administrative Coastal Development Permit No. 19-081 / 6316 Busch Drive
4. Ordinances and Public Hearings
4.B. Coastal Development Permit No. 19-003 / 28820 Cliffside Drive
5. New Public Hearings
5.A. Coastal Development Permit No. 19-083 / 24250 Pacific Coast Highway
6. Old Buisness
7. New Business
8. Planning Commission Items