Call to Order - Mayor
Roll Call - Recording Secretary
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Report on Posting of Agenda – March 15, 2020
2. Written and Oral Communications from the Public
2.A. Communications from the Public concerning matters which are not on the agenda but for which the City Council has subject matter jurisdiction.  City Council may not act on these matters except to refer the matters to staff or schedule the matters for a future agenda.
2.B. Commission / Committee / City Manager Updates
2.C. City Council Subcommittee reports / Mayor and Councilmember meeting attendance, reports and inquiries
3. Consent Calendar
B. New Items
3.B.1. Waive Further Reading
3.B.2. Approve Warrants
3.B.3. Approval of Minutes
3.B.4. Professional Services Agreement with Ultimate Maintenance Services, Inc.
3.B.5. Amendment to Professional Services Agreement with Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc.
3.B.6. Professional Services Agreement with Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP
3.B.7. Award Temporary Skate Park Surfacing Project
6. New Business
6.A. Adoption of Resolution No. 20-14, Ratifying the Director of Emergency Services’ Proclamation of Existence of a Local Emergency
6.B. Emergency Staffing Procedures and Employee Classifications