Call to Order - Mayor
Roll Call - Recording Secretary
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Report on Posting of Agenda - February 14, 2020; Amended Agenda Posted February 21, 2020
1. Ceremonial/Presentations
1.A. Presentation on Brush Clearance by Los Angeles County Fire Department
1.B. Presentation of Plaque to the Family of Andy Cohen
2. Written and Oral Communications from the Public
2.A. Communications from the Public concerning matters which are not on the agenda but for which the City Council has subject matter jurisdiction. City Council may not act on these matters except to refer the matters to staff or schedule the matters for a future agenda.
2.B. Commission / Committee / City Manager Updates
2.C. City Council Subcommittee reports / Mayor and Councilmember meeting attendance, reports and inquiries
5. Old Business
5.A. Temporary Skate Park Final Design
3. Consent Calendar
3.B. New Items
3.B.1. Waive Further Reading
3.B.2. Approve Warrants
3.B.3. Approval of Minutes
3.B.4. Request for Proposals for City Treasurer
3.B.5. Reimbursable Services Agreement with California Highway Patrol
3.B.6. Updates to the City’s 2018 Emergency Operation Plan
3.B.7. Professional Services Agreement with California Skateparks
3.B.8. Malibu Leading Educational Advancement and Development (LEAD) General Fund Grant
3.B.9. Professional Services Agreement with Ultimate Maintenance Services, Inc.
3.B.10. Waiving Fees Related to the Rebuilding of Structures Damaged or Destroyed by the Woolsey Fire
4. Ordinances and Public Hearings
4.A. Second Public Hearing to Consider Composition of Districts for Potential By-District Elections
7. Council Items
7.A. Temporary Appointment to the Planning Commission