Call to Order - Mayor (Council Chambers) Closed Session
Public Comment on Closed Session Items
Call to Order - Mayor (Council Chambers) Regular Session
Roll Call - Recording Secretary
Pledge of Allegiance
Closed Session Report
Approval of Agenda
Report on Posting of Agenda - January 30, 2020; Amended Agenda and Second Amended Agenda Posted February 6, 2020
1. Ceremonial/Presentations
1.A. Presentation of “Roadmap for a Resilient Community” by Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation
1.B. Staff Update on Disaster Response and Recovery
2. Written and Oral Communications from the Public
2.A. Communications from the Public concerning matters which are not on the agenda but for which the City Council has subject matter jurisdiction. City Council may not act on these matters except to refer the matters to staff or schedule the matters for a future agenda.
2.B. Commission / Committee / City Manager Updates
2.C. City Council Subcommittee reports / Mayor and Councilmember meeting attendance, reports and inquiries
3. Consent Calendar
3.B. New Items
3.B.1. Waive Further Reading
3.B.2. Approve Warrants
3.B.3. Approval of Minutes
3.B.4. City Phone System
3.B.5. Professional Services Agreement with Access Information Protected
3.B.6. Point Dume Headlands Gate/Traffic Spikes (29300.5 Cliffside Drive, within the public right-of-way; Applicant/Property Owner: City of Malibu)
4. Ordinances and Public Hearings
4.A. California Building Standards Code
4.B. Appeal No. 19-009 - Appeal of Planning Commission Resolution No. 19-72 (23800.5 Civic Center Way, within the public right-of-way, 4000 Malibu Canyon Road, and 23800 Civic Center Way; Appellant/Applicant: Public Works Department; Property Owner: City of Malibu and Green Acres, LLC)
4.C. Public Hearing Regarding Composition of Districts for Potential By-District Elections
7. Council Items
7.A. 100-Day Challenge (Mayor Farrer and Mayor Pro Tem Pierson)